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Hostesses, Sampling & Flyering

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression”.

Appealing to the proper target group, always presenting a pleasant smile during conversations, giving people the feeling that they are important. Our hostesses are trained in all these areas of expertise. Whom to give certain items to, and how to go about it? What to say or not to say? How to make sure my appearance is spotless and what to avoid at all costs?

Thanks to our ongoing selection and recruitment, competitive wages and benefits, and correct training standards, these staff members become the ideal ambassadors for your business.

Welcoming and receiving people at events, providing extra help at trade fairs, distributing promotional material at train stations, establishing contact with targeted customers at locations with adequate traffic flow, etc. We would like the opportunity to develop the best solution for your needs and to deliver a flawless implementation of your project.

Looking for a challenging job?

"Do you need multi-channel communication? SMS Solutions not only provides people solutions, but also digital solutions and consulting."