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Sales Forces in Food, Horeca & Out-of-home

Need a representative for extra support or sell a promotional event at each store location without overloading your current team? Need help locally for a few days each week on a limited budget?

Rely on the expertise of our staff with experience in F1, F2, F3, horeca or out-of-home marketing. We organise new casting sessions frequently to recruit valuable sales staff who are then trained to offer qualitative expertise and address your commercial challenges.

Results can be monitored on a daily basis through online reports, orders can be forwarded automatically to your wholesalers or other suppliers, stocks can be monitored online, and more. These are just a few examples to demonstrate how we can become an extension of your business commercially, in the most open, flexible and fastest manner possible.

Looking for a challenging job?

"Do you need multi-channel communication? SMS Solutions not only provides people solutions, but also digital solutions and consulting."