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New Business Development & Tele Sales

Brands are continually forced to think outside the square and to move away from traditional channels, not only in the design of publicity campaigns, but also in view of generating additional sales and distribution.

Developing campaigns to test new channels, analysing potential success rates for brand introductions per channel, monitoring rotations and drawing conclusions in order to redefine budgets, etc. We have many years of experience in this field and we can provide a competent team to help negotiate your brand at different levels and in different markets.

Our services include telephone surveys, tele sales, establishing retailer contact for concrete arrangements, etc. In addition to meeting the requirement of having a pleasant voice, our tele sales staff have also completed the required studies and possess the necessary social skills and passion to achieve your objectives.

Looking for a challenging job?

"Do you need multi-channel communication? SMS Solutions not only provides people solutions, but also digital solutions and consulting."