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Brand Activation, Road Shows & Tastings

Consumers are tuning out of ads in traditional channels more and more often. They have also become more critical, they demand more details and are quick to respond.

Market your brand to consumers when they are "on the go", be present in places where consumers least expect you. Let people taste and feel your brand, demonstrate the value of your product through demo events. In other words, reach consumers in places where they are more open to your brand and where they have time to get persuaded. This is the field we specialise in.

Top-class brands require top-class, dedicated staff workers, able to develop plans for the long term, having completed in-depth training and driven by incentive programs, with a strong appearance and great enthusiasm.

Our mission begins where others seem to fail. Your success is what matters to us. We won’t accept any less.

Looking for a challenging job?

"Do you need multi-channel communication? SMS Solutions not only provides people solutions, but also digital solutions and consulting."